A River at Risk
Nebraska's Lower Platte River

a film by Becky Hughes McMillen

Internet Premiere
May 5, 2016

A River at Risk tells the story of the battle to control non-native phragmites and other invasive plants on the Lower Platte River. Film production began during a time when severe drought was impacting most of Nebraska's waterways and reservoirs. Steadily decreasing water levels on reservoirs created nurseries for non-native invaders, compounding and spreading the problem downstream when the rains came. Reduced flow in the rivers resulted in accelerated growth of invasive vegetation on sandbars. Inundated sandbars eventually matured into permanent islands.

Becky Hughes McMillen is known for her award-winning conservation films. Invasive plants and their affect on habitat is a common theme. A River at Risk is the fourth in a series of films about endangered waterways.

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